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  • A disordered and bulged archive?

    Mendec offers you a simple and digital archiving system.

  • Your classified files are cumbersome and difficult to search through?

    Mendec and their DMS ensure an efficient document management.

  • Too many documents and too little time?

    Mendec makes your documents and sends them for you.

  • Don't want to change your actual working method?

    Mendec integrates their DMS seamlessly into your work environment.

  • A stiff, not very professional administration?

    Mendec gives you advice.

  • How do you (best) preserve your confidential documents?

    Mendec proposes a safe, digital safe-deposit.

Scan & Capture

A digital archive, how do you start it? Mendec ensures that you can start without any problems. At your request we will include packaging, transport, scanning and indexing for our account. We also provide further capturing, so you quickly and easily find the right documents back.

DMS in the Cloud

Thanks to our Document Management System in the cloud, you always have access to all your documents. They are kept in a legal and traceable way on the secure platform. Accessing your digital sales- and personnel files is now a piece of cake.

Take advantage of our years of expertise to optimize your archiving and document processing.

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Mendec adapts to your needs. All of the services we have be offered as separate parts so they can go to your needs and be carried out according to your schedule. Our infrastructure can, if desired, be installed in your business.


"What can Mendec mean exactly for my business?", "How does Mendec work?", "Who's can access the platform?". Those are the questions you can always ask us. We are ready to help throughout the process.

Digital Vault

Using our digital safe we can insure, if desired, the storing of your digitalized documents. So you can be sure that there is always a backup of your archive available, and there is never anything lost.